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short for Master Cheif off of Halo
"MC would so kick the Covenant's ass!"
by Dirge January 30, 2005
29 61
1) A king among men
2) One who may drink any other under the table with little or no effort put forth.
That fucking Mc drank ten times as much whisky as me and he is still standing.
by MBC April 04, 2003
11 43
master of ceremonies. someone who directs a complicated situation
I'm the MC in this piece
by inequitable November 09, 2002
20 52
MC is short for Monster Cock. Aka, a monstrously huge penis.
"Dude, why is that girl limping so badly?"
"She probably took an MC last night"
by Tedddd April 01, 2007
21 54
1.A prefix to almost any term.
Used in comical situations to describe almost everything.
2.Sarcastic mockage of Mc Doanld's operators. Used whilst ordering at Mc Donalds.
1. Mc-Dave went to mc-get me some mc-donalds.

2."Hi welcome to Mc Donalds how may I take your order?"
"I'd mc-like to mc-order a mc-chicken mc-cheese mc-burger. Hold the mc-cheese. Hang on i need to mc-go to the mc-toilet. Mc-scuse mc mc mc mc mc..."
by James Mc-Graham June 19, 2005
31 64
Multiple Choice, used specifically for tests
Kids, we're having a MC today!
by Tom March 23, 2005
12 45
Master of Ceremonies or Mike Controller. Essencially rapper but not only in hip-hop, but can exist in Rock, Metal, Pop or any kinds of music.
Mike Shinoda in Linkin Park is an example of an MC
by WK Coke can December 25, 2003
48 81