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Homo sapiens sans-sapiens; a human idiot.
Uni is such a deoxyribonucleomoron!
by ah December 19, 2004
A swollen, round, bulb shaped badunkadunk.
Shit son, look at the bulbous badunkadunk.
by AH August 27, 2003
Akin to the Mafia code of silence, but specific to the stag do. This is the standard cop-out clause that means you don't have to admit to getting your knob polished by a stripper (unless you're unlucky enough to be Bryan McFadden, of course). Also extends to any other aspect of the trip that could cause embarassment to any participant.
"Who shat their bed? I couldn't possibly comment as I am bound by Stagmerta never to speak of that weekend to outsiders."
by ah April 06, 2004
The mating call of the giant owl that lives on the Bike Path.
Woot Woot.
by AH August 27, 2003
Being the worst in every single game there is in the world.
( adj. ) "Wow you're such an ender sometimes.

Doing something bad in any type of computer game. ( verb ) "Shit, i really pulled an Ender that time."
by aH April 11, 2003
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