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A little asian who dances on counter tops while grabbing her hair in a thrusting motion. She blacks out every night and is the best shrimp tempora you will ever encounter. She is also known as king wasabi.
I want to pick maysen up and fit her inside my pocket and then pull her out later to use as a pair of chopsticks
by Sloanevie December 06, 2010
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A beautiful person who is usually considered intimidating or scary. She is insanely funny and everyone that meets her thinks she should be a comedian. Though, she acts like a total bitch and doesn't understand why people like her with her.
1.She's such a Maysen, just look at her!

2. She's a total Maysen she's not funny enough nor pretty enough to get away with acting like a total Bitch!!!
by Your_Face_Is_Blue August 14, 2014
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A beautiful girl who is loyal to her friends a and always puts them before herself. She is honest,loyal,funny, and the best darn girlfriend you will ever have. You need to have Maysen as a friend. You should not get on her bad side or she will kick some serious ass. Have Maysen by your side and you will for sure have an awesome life.
by Half pint January 18, 2017
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