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Maylis are very wild, loud, and out-going people. They tend to joke around a lot but can be very serious. They are a very hard working person. They will always support their friends, make you laugh, and smile. They are sometimes religious and conservative. Maylis are "DAMN" gorgeous.
Nicole- OMG! that girl was so funny!
Azalia- She must be a Mayli! ;)
by nawwwllllllll sirrrrrrrrr! January 25, 2013
a beautiful exotic human being who can only be described by the gods. She is so gorgeous that if you only as much catch a glance of her, you will instantly fall in love. She is amazing, funny and smart. Just a marvelous sexy milk chocolate. Boys just want to mix their milk with her coco puffs.
I wish i was a maylis.
by john checoks July 03, 2012
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