The answer you give to a guy when they ask you if you like them and the answer is YES
boy: "is it you who likes me?"
Girl: "maybe" ( yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
boy: "seriously yes or no"
Girl: " maaaaaaaaaaayybe" (yes u dumbass)
by maranna blondes July 11, 2009
a word that demonstrates fear or cowardice on the part of the user.
Da Jesus: "you want to bowl tomorrow evening?"

Chase: "Maybe."

by don't fuk wit da jesus! January 14, 2009
A mother's definition of "yes", if she wants to let you hope she agrees.
Daughter/Son: Mum, please, please, please let me go to that cncert, it's so damn important to me.
Mum: Maybe, I'll think about it.
by Jacky-Padabieber March 27, 2011
another term for maybe, usually phrased by gay people
GAY PERSON 1: wanna suck my dick
GAY PERSON 2: maybes
by GAY PERSON 2: June 28, 2006
when you put your little finger near your mouth and say (see Above)
a neutral word that means i might do it or i might not this word can be anoying when repeated - maybe
by dibuk January 17, 2006
A word designed to send people who are using Facebook to organize an event to a special kind of Hell.
Sure, I’ll book the restaurant. For 18 people or maybe 50. I don’t mind.
by Vertz February 10, 2014
"Does 1+1=2?"
by Grind3r July 18, 2012

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