No chance in hell. But buy me a present anyway.
Maybe if you're good and clean the house after buying me a new phone and a personal jet and a space station I'll let you watch me enjoy it all while your blue balls rupture.
by DeviousMachinations March 29, 2015
A male of female private area.
I would like to get some of your maybe.

Maybe you will and maybe you won't...
by ITIZWHATITIZ August 11, 2011
Middle Aged Youth-cultured Bored and Educated - These are people who were once rockers or punks and still like to keep up with youth-culture by going to gigs, promoting bands, being involved in grafitti art etc. Often being the oldest at any gig, they just don't care what people think of them. They do it because they are basically bored of life as it is presented to them. They are educated but rebel against being part of an established middle-aged straight-culture. Often seen at festivals and Motorhead gigs sometimes with their adult children or mostly with younger people as they are quite rare. Sometimes spotted hiding at garden centres and visitor attractions, not wanting to be part of the grey "flock".

MAYBE's are always available and will answer "maybe" to any offers.
"I used to be a SINBAD (Single No Boyfriend And Desperate) but since I turned 40, I am now a MAYBE"

David Bowie is the archetypal MAYBE.
by Ms Maybe Bristol June 02, 2010
used when someone looks boggesh and messed up, saying maybe they shouldn't have worn that or done that to themselves
when you see someone that looks messed up just say "maybe"
by shaterika January 28, 2004
a word that is used whaen the person doesn't want to know the awnsere. can go like this

1.when awnsered to a "can I have this" always no.
2.when it is something incriminating the it is always yes
3.when awnsered very quikly with mabye it means they don't care at all.
1.-can I have an iPod?
- maybe(no)
2.-did you rob a bank
3.-do you like bush over keri
-maybe(they are both so bad I can't choose)
by dude March 27, 2005
maybe as in if sumtin gay is doen by sumtin just be like "maybe" like maybe they just did that....
MAn when that faggoty ass homo started doin hes gay little dacne i was just like maybe.
by maybe October 15, 2004
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