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literal definition is a dung beatle. little black beatle that rolls shit everywhere it goes. it's a derogatory term used in spanish slang to refer to dark skinned people.
no man, we don't use the word nigger, cause its a retardation of the word negro, and that just means black. we call you worse, we call y'all mayates.
by GSYBE October 01, 2006
869 410
a mostly derrogatory term used by Mexicans or Mexican-Americans referring to a dark skinned person;
that mayate needs to pull his pants up.
by Fabo December 11, 2005
1206 391
A spanish slang used to describe a dark complected person.(black beatel)
What's up with all theese "mayates"
by rico November 09, 2002
857 431
means nigger. comes from a black beatle that eats shit. (dung beatle). oftenly used to refer to black people by latinos usually mexicans.
Hey homes?
que pasa?
wat up with esos pinches mayates?
by oascar np April 23, 2008
504 326
Hispanic slang for a person of dark skin color
its like when you say hello in spanish
to a black in "orale mayate"...the word originates from the slow moving,large insect that seems to just "bumble around" as it flies...its coat is colorful but the insect seems purposeless in its movements
by Humberto De Maricones November 24, 2003
359 261
A chicano slang used to describe a black person.
Orale Ese, those pinche mayates are loud.
by Romeo-Toker November 11, 2010
104 77
A word used by Latin Americans, usually Mexicans, to denounce someone of Black ancestry
Mexicans call us mayates, but what about all the African slaves in Mexico? Were they shipped back to Africa? No they are your ancestors too!
by dan July 26, 2003
463 450