A word used by Latin Americans, usually Mexicans, to denounce someone of Black ancestry
Mexicans call us mayates, but what about all the African slaves in Mexico? Were they shipped back to Africa? No they are your ancestors too!
by dan July 26, 2003
A derogatory term towards black people or a bitch.
1. Bob: "I'm racist!!!! Oooh, look at that African-American! He thinks he's so cool, but he's a mayate!"
2. Frat Boy: "Dude, that girl wouldn't blow me. She's such a cold mayate."
by gordon frederick bobbyson June 17, 2009
Mayate. Colloquial from Mexico. Mayate is used to refer to a gay man. Nothing to do with black people or slaves. Check definition in spanish Mayate: Hombre homosexual. Synonyms for mayate are joto, puto, maricon, volteado, invertido,marica.
Look those mayates they are hugging and kissing.
by atruemexican May 13, 2010
This word literally refers to an insect that eats shit. In Mexico, it is used to refer--NOT to a gay man--but to a man who has sex with gay men (as a top) and receives blow jobs from gay men. According to Mexican social roles, as long as you're active and not passive, it doesn't matter the gender of your partners, you're still straight. Therefore, these men who fuck men/recieve sexual favors from men still consider themselves straight. The derogatory term for them is mayate.
What a mayate he is, he'll fuck every gay ass he sees.
by belanova May 19, 2006
According to the Real Academia Española, mayate is derogatory word for gay man, in México, while no reference to it as a derogatory word for a person of African descent is mentioned.
Man, are you trying to tell me you go the other way? That you're a mayate?
by House79 October 17, 2005
A mexican nigga
Kei, you fucking mayate, give me back my bike.
by Anonymous April 07, 2003
A hispanic rocket scientist.
Hey, mayate, check that 'O' ring!
by Hugo Rivera August 31, 2005

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