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to accost (although not for sex, usually) someone you have not seen in a while, hugging and kissing them in between noogies.
I miss you so much, i'm totally going to mawl you tomorrow.
Dude, he got mawled, his hair is all messed up
Child says to mother after being hugged and kissed in front of his friends "Oh god mom don't mawl me"
by Julieani April 12, 2007
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Uncommonly but comically changed expression for Hitchhiking to the Mall when frustrated with public transit. and watching the hilarious expressions from the people who are deathly scared of any hitchhiker no matter if they are a creaky old lady or not.
Holding up sign with 'Mawl?! spelled out on a piece of cardboard hoping for a ride to the mall and a laugh. After waiting 2 hours for a friggen transit bus.
by Markis/sikraM April 13, 2008
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