''Model, actress, whatever...'', said about a young woman who's career in entertainment is based on her good looks.
She's just another M.A.W., a TV bimbo.
by Ti-Luc November 07, 2007
Milk that comes from a man's breasts.
Ha ha, you just drank maw.
Whats maw?
Milk that comes from a man's tities.
by hypeM.poindexter August 07, 2010
1) Might as Well
2) Mind as well
I don't want to study for this exam, maw skip it.
by gambit972 May 10, 2008
Synonym for me
1. this is maw
2. das ist maw
3. this is a picture of maw
by BloodyAndBeautiful August 19, 2010
Milk A Willy - To fondle ones private area until point of climax. Can also be used as an insult or to refer to a persons sexuality.
Example 1 - Angry Person: "Go maw somewhere!!"

Example 2 - Homosexual: "He can maw pretty good I hear."
by McGee & Rach May 01, 2007
A word to say when there isn't anything else to say. The verbal alternative to lol
person1: ....
person2: lol

In real life:
person1: ....
person2: MAW!!
by Captain Salvador October 22, 2007
1.Cat's way of communication. Contradictory to popular beliefs, Maw is actually the noise made by CATS (see CAT- small furry animal), not Miaw. Whoever heard a cat say Meaow? or Meoaw? or Miaw?
Small cats whose vocal chords/boxes are not fully developed do tend to utter "Miw"s or "Miuw"s but never Meaow.
If the whole population simply referred to Maw as the noise made by a cat, it would be a much Mawer place.
2. Word overused by people with nothing more interesting to say. It's quite fun really. Maw.
Fred steps on cat's tail
Cat: MAW!

Fred strokes cat
Fred: Good Cat!
Cat: MAW!

Fred deprives cat of food
Cat: MAW!
Fred: Oh sorry Cat.

Fred fetches food for cat, and presently feeds it
Cat: MAW!
Fred: No problem, Cat.

Fred purchases dog
Cat: MAW!

Fred's Mother: So Fred, when are you getting married?
Fred: Maw. Marriage is so Maw. Get Mawed.
Fred's Mother: That's lovely dear.
Cat: MAW!
by Jop mcFopp August 24, 2007

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