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A word used to describe the sound made by a kiss. A cute way to "kiss" over the phone.
Boy: Good night honey, I love you! *mauh*
Girl: I love you too! *mauh* Good night.
by Two In Love June 19, 2003

A misspelling of muah which people use to refer to the sound a kiss makes. Often posted on Facebook by ignorant people.
Facebook Post: "Lov u body could come close to being as perfect as u are. Mauh"

Facebook Comment: "Yaw mauh stoopid den her last man."
by Uptight B July 29, 2011
an old chant used by Hawaiian drumming men. Often during bonfires on the beaches of the Hawaiian island of Kauai, chants of 'mauh mauh' can be heard from up to one mile away.
The men chanted 'mauh mauh' while drumming rhythmically in order to bring happiness to the people of the island.
by Silly Ho July 22, 2004

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