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1. matza (n.) Flat bread that is eaten by faithful Jews (often spelled as matzah or matzoh).

2. Matza (n.) A Jewish whore, often the daughter of a rabbi.
For meaning #1:
The rebbe was very pleased when his shipment of kosher matza arrived from Tel Aviv.

For meaning #2:
Rabbi Goldstein: I banged Matza at the Chabad yesterday, it was very delightful.

Reb Moshe: Oh really? I heard she was offering a shabbat discount!

Biology Professor: Among other things, semen contains a great deal of sugars, specifically fructose, which serves as the main source of energy for sperm

Matza: *raises hand* Professor, but if sperm contains sugar fructose, why isn't it sweet?!

*class breaks out in hysterical laughter*

Biology Professor: *irritated* That, young lady, is because the receptors for sweetness are on the tip of the tongue, and not on the back of the throat!
by Shlomo Scheckelgruber September 29, 2006