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a stud baseball player
Man, Jimmy hit 3 homeruns! He's hitting like Matz!
by HottaThanNavada May 05, 2005
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To voluntarily and knowingly diminish an individual's opportunity to achieve success. When defining what exactly a "Matz" is, one cannot neglect the fact that there are two variants of the term. One variant involves getting "Matzed" incredibly hard, but with no defined frequency. Generally, this kind of "Matzation" leaves the recipient in great distress and disdain. The other variant is a perpetual "Matz." This involves repeatably getting Matz'd on a basis that is more common than desired.
Wow, I have a debate competition this saturday! I am so excited! Hopefully, I will not get "Matzed!"
by JDMatz March 12, 2013

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