Given to those who possess a thick penis and irregularly placed pubic hair. Also, the upper body is unusually smaller than the lower body giving the image of a ridiculously fruity christmas tree.
Guy 1: I love masturbating to the sound of a door creaking.

Guy 2: That's so Mathias!!!

Guys 1 and 2 then suffocate each other with their irregularly sized penises.
by Miragemelody August 17, 2009
Top Definition
This is a name for a good guy that most people like.
Mathias is a cool guy.
by TANNER TROY May 26, 2009
An awesome and down to earth guy who everyone loves. He makes you feel like you are the only one there and makes you feel very very special. He cares and doesn't let other people be mean to his girlfriend. He respects you and always says how much he loves you and cares about you. Not always in the same language but still. You won't be able to resist the loving and hottness of someone like him.
(love) (cutie) (sweet) (loveable) (irresistable) (Mathias)
by Love you <3 May 04, 2010
Mathias is a wonderful boy. Who will make you feel so special at times. he won't let guys get to close to his girlfriend (he is over protective). You can't help but love him back or just love him. He will make you feel like you are the only thing that matters. If he has a girlfriend he would never think of cheating on her, he doesn't date if he feels he can'r commit and stay faithful. He tends to get angry easily but makes up for it with every second he's in a good mood around you. You are forced to love everything about him, since he is so amazing and very attractive.
Girl 1: look at that hot guy over there what is his name?

Girl 2: Thats Mathias, but he has a girlfreind and won't cheat on her.

by A girls with a crush... June 20, 2011
A handsome guy with the heart of a champion.
Mathias is such a champion
by Nadia0321 April 23, 2012
Mathias` are often found either in the forest, hobbiting about. or working with wood. They craft all sorts of useless things. The "Busser" variety of Mathias` are like this.
Bob: Look, its a hobbit.
Dan: Man, thats really Mathias.
by Hunter Hinks February 11, 2011
a man wearing uggs
dude.... look at that mathias!
by heezdy November 30, 2011
Given to a person that says heaps of bullshit that he wants to do, etc and never actually does anything close to that. Usually gets his moral off of American TV-shows which means that he doesn't know shit what he's talking about, and thinks he can say anything and if anyone feels like discussing his opinion or trying to defend themselves, he will play the douchebag styled "If you take that seriously, you are a pussy!" game.

He likes to tell people nobody likes them, in that way, he might feel better. He has 1-3 percent chance of having a girlfriend.
Mathias: "When i grow up, im gonna give my kids African traditional names!"

You: "Dude, you've said that about sixteen times."

Mathias: "Well, you're gay/a pussy, etc"
by OUSHGF June 23, 2011
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