my nap time (this part is just filler because urban dictionary thinks that was too short)
3rd period is math class, better catch up on 50 minutes of sleep...
by MikeTazer March 26, 2008
Time for Mr G to ramble and mumble in his native language
"In math class i go on urban dictionary."
by alsdjfowienf;a/ January 05, 2005
the class i do homework for in between classes, on the bus, or during lunch. easy stuff, but very tedious..
u have to do the same shit three hundred times a day, then do it the next day cause ur cunt face teacher cant just specially help people who dont get it. the WHOLE class has to do 9 pages everyday.
by bad ass mother fucker August 12, 2004
A great way to waste time. We will never need to know how many apples we can grow in 6 weeks.
Guy1: yo I got math class next
Guy2: What a waste of time
by True Sh** December 08, 2015
Medical disorder whereby one gets an erection in an unusual place where one didn't intend. (ex. Math Class)

Primary cause- ejaculation deprivation

Cures-usually simmer after a short period.
-In extreme cases one may Perform a belt tuck, followed by an immidiate trip to the bathroom where one should plessure oneself accordingly
Today I had a math-class all math class.
by Rob spank December 20, 2005
The only class where you can pay roughly 0% of your attention span and get a 99 or so for a grade.
I have learned nothing in math class since 6th grade.
by Fugerko.? January 01, 2004
Well.. An easy subject for some, others well.. never mind. Just a plain easy subject. ^^
I breeze through math class.
by Me.:D February 15, 2003
If you were smart enough to realize it, the place where you learn the key to the universe.

Only fools, morons, idiots, and nobodies disrespect math, science, history, english, and all other forms of learning.

You can daydream your way to working as a janitor the rest of your life.
I should have paid attention in math class. They guy who got straight As makes millions now.
by Anonymous January 24, 2003

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