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Of mythical origin. The sexiest beast in the whole universe, he controls and does whatever he wishes. There is truly no stopping him when he is awake. But he lays dormant for millions of years at a time before awakening.

When he does, women fall for him like a line of dominos. He is truly the pinnacle of sexiness, power and potency!
Taco: The times of Mateen's awakening are near, brace yourselves!
by Dope Boy Banger November 14, 2014
A toucan with a big nose. Overall pecky person though, hella funny and chill to be around
"Boutta peak with mateen"
by Urbanner June 11, 2014
Literally meaning, "horseshit" the term Mateen comes from latin greek origins.
Ex: "That man too a Mateen the size of a truck."
by Jerome Watermelon April 15, 2014
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