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To stimulate the genital organs of (oneself or another) to achieve sexual pleasure. While eating bacon. Anything bacon really.

Not to be confused with Master Bacon, the star of such hits as "Tremors", "Apallo 13", and "The gift"
"Dude, I was caught last night..."

'Caught doing what?'

"Ugh, masturbacon!"

'WTF! Wait, was it regular or thick cut??'

"Thick cut, maple smoked"

by Sundog_ September 01, 2014
masturbating while shoving bacon and maple syrup down your throat...
guy 1: DUDE! you gotta try MASTURBACON-ING! It's ligit!

guy 2: alright cool... whats that

guy 1: ehhh you'll see...
by jakeyyyyyyyyyyyy696969 August 05, 2010
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