the world's easiest, most natural way of curing boredom.
I'm bored, i think i'll masterbate.
by Mega Phunkatron March 21, 2003
Jacking off
Whacking off
Beating off
Smacking the ho
Beating the pig
Whipping the Wayne
Slapping the salami

Whacking the wand
Punishing the pubs
Burning the beet
Beating the beef
Beating the meat
Jerking the jerky
Jerkin' the gherkin
Working the slave
Choking the chicken
In redneck terms
Buttering the corn
Revving the engine
Hunting the deer
I want to choke my chicken to nicki Minaj that's Masterbation
by Big baller 2000 January 18, 2016
When you put your penis between boobies
Brandon felt amazing when he first had the joy of Masterbation
by B Moss September 19, 2007
getting off
jacking off
by henry chhum March 07, 2003

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