One that hangs out with other debaters and participates in debating tournaments. This kind of person will blow off his friends for debating. And he jacks off way too much
Tad is such a master debater
by Tha Cre-a-tor May 04, 2010
Top Definition
A pair of words used in the world of Policy, Public Forum, and Lincoln Douglas debate that is supposed to insult stupid people. This is because stupid people will not be able to catch on to the detail that the term at hand sounds like masturbator, so is thus an insult. It is also commonly used by sore losers who just got their asses kicked in round five, ruining their chances of going 5-0 and winning the tournament. bitches.
Those master debaters ruined the entire tournament for me! They ran 6 topicalities, and 4 kritiks! They probably master debate all the time because they don't have enough of a life to do anything else.
by Sarah K. March 22, 2007
Someone who is a master at debating, or arguing.

This person also tends to be an asshole, there name usually begins with Colton and is laughed at by friends and enemies alike, because the given nickname sounds like masturbator.
Colton: I'm the Master Debater.

Rusty: *laughs* I bet you are.
by Rusty D March 09, 2009
A master at debating
Johnny: Steve is a Master debater because he is a master of debating.

Jack: ...What the fuck is the matter with you man?? *Runs away...


Jack: ...Oh wait *walks back
by browngirlsdonttakebs May 15, 2009
A term to refer to someone who is kicking your ass in a debate because you have no intelligent rebuttal.

The term is effective because it sounds like masterbater.
Sam: Actually, a recent poll of climatologists indicates that a vast majority--not a fringe minority--is concerned about global warming.

Jim: Sam, you're a master debater.
by AbnormalBoy October 13, 2004
A person who will engage you in debate over the smallest matter of personal or professional decorum, preference, grammar, Et cetera (yeah you like that, I see you out there) in an attempt to satiate some kind of inner soul-oriented black hole (logic and reason come out on the other side).
We spent the better part of the ride on the subway exchanging the finer points of the efficient allocation of public space, where to stand, put your bag, and at what point you must move to the inside of the bench seats to let others sit down. Then he convinced some random girl to give up her religion. Then he got a black dude to say he'd vote republican in the next election. That dude is a masterdebater.
by TheDefiantCow August 26, 2009
a person who was been debating for many years, has learned everything there is to know about debating, and has achieved the title of masterdebater.
friend- "hey, i joined the debat team, and i need some practice."
me- "you don't want none of this, i'm a masterdebater."
friend- "what?"
by Овидий (ovid) July 13, 2008
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