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7 definitions by CAT_MARK_1

According to Myspace, this is a mood that you can be in.

Meaning to, you guessed it, feel like a virgin.

Fresh, innocent, untouched. You get the idea.
"Hey Jake, how are you feeling today?"

"Oh, virginal I guess."


Kristi: I'm feeling virginal today.

Me: I doubt that very much.
by CAT_MARK_1 December 24, 2007
188 35
Basically, a swollen blood vessel on your ass.

The hooker put my hemroid between her teeth, and popped it like a fruit gusher.
by CAT_MARK_1 December 28, 2007
168 54
The biggest pair of titties you've ever set your virgin eyes on.
Damn Billy, you mom sure has some tig ol bitties
by CAT_MARK_1 August 21, 2007
124 44
You and/or one or more of your gay little buddies, that like to give/take it up the ass regularly
Damn son, you showed him who the ass master around here is.
by CAT_MARK_1 August 21, 2007
40 23
Someone who is a master at debating, or arguing.

This person also tends to be an asshole, and is laughed at by friends and enemies alike, because the given nickname sounds like master bater.
Mitchell: I'm the Master Debater.

Mark: *laughs* I bet you are.
by CAT_MARK_1 January 01, 2008
22 22
The hardest substances known to man. A mixture of Shieat and toilet paper that cling to your ass hair for untold eons.
New: Captain Crunch with Dingle Berries!!!
by CAT_MARK_1 August 21, 2007
94 100
The "cool" way of making it known you found something funny over the internet.
lawlz! I'm typing like a retard!
by CAT_MARK_1 December 12, 2007
98 120