The latest bullshit creation of MTV, a cocksucking castrated deuchebag who songs aren't music and have no message.
Massari is the role model for St. Michael's College
by A2THAZ February 02, 2006
Top Definition
an American Music Star , originally from lebanon , and his name in arabic means : Money
super star MASSARI is Lebanese
by Balla85 September 07, 2006
1. One of any number of tumors which are always found in the anal region of angry embittered humans.

2. Any rude chain-smoker of Italian descent.
1. "I'm scheduled to have this horrible massari removed from my ass on Tuesday."

2. "Did you see that massari just stub out his Kool on that kid's cotton candy? How outrageous!"
by Rico The Average January 25, 2006
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