people who have an acute sense of how the world really is, instead of how society wants them to think it is. masks wear clothes most people wear, so the douchebags at school dont bother them. they do express their real feelings through art and music (listening to music). they DO have friends. most masks have had a lot of pain done to them. they dont like getting into fights. they are great companions whether it be friends or boyfriend/girlfriend, as they will always listen to and understand your problems.
Person1: dude i just saw that white-clothes guy reading a cursing book.
Person2: masks are like that i guess
by Metallic Emotions October 29, 2009
"MAIMERS of ATTRACTIVE SLICK KIDS" 1. A member of a fairly large gang of exceptionally ugly men.
Fabio was under constant attack from members of M.A.S.K
by Nick Dominguez March 06, 2003
A user who creates a fake account, just to talk trash to someone or troll forums.
Funny how this "new" user has such anger against John Smith. Must be a mask.
by Pillthrower May 23, 2009
something to wear over your face
i wear different masks every day
by justin August 17, 2004
A way to smoke a joint. place between finger 3 and 4. put hand around face and put lips on fingers 3 and 4 and suck. this way it goes straight to your lungs. BEWARE you cough :)
A game for smoking weed :) it is called the mask! made by luke lewis and luke burnett
by Ally1221 June 20, 2007
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