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Mashlin is an awesome band from Flordia. Their music consists of indie, rock, alternative and even a little emo. The members are Aaron, Jason, Joe and Glen. Beautiful guys, and beautiful music =)
You can listen to Mashlin and fall in love with them by going to :)
by Sherry_Georges July 16, 2006
Kid with a really jewish parents
Mashlin's parents are more jewish than Jesus"
by Mashlin September 21, 2003
The best um....person named Mashlin ever...
Mashlin has a cool name.
by Paine September 07, 2003
Co-exister of the jew leader Paine
"where's paine?"
"i don't know, haven't seen him"
"where's mashlin"
"member that boyle on paine?"
by Sky September 17, 2003
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