Same meaning as wordmashedword, as in some one who is completely intoxicated.....usually on drugs of any kind beside alcohol.
Don't give him any more, he's mash up!
by Rizladizla July 20, 2003
to destroy
When the police come to stop the fete everybody jus start run and the whole place get mash up
by TriniGirl December 04, 2002
Irish word talking about a way to cook some spuds by breaking them down. Adopted by Jamaicans to describe breaking up other people's tings.
If he dont bring my weed im gonna mash up im bloodclaat yard
by hairy mo April 18, 2004
1)Someone who is so intoxicated by alcohol that they are unable to master even the simple act of standing up.
2)The act of becoming so intoxicated by alcohol that the simple act of standing up becomes a mighty challenge.
Last night, he was mash up!


Let's all get mash up!
by dan258 December 08, 2003
Mashup has a few of definitions.

(1) To be stoned or drunk
(2) To look raggedy or beaten-up in appearance
(3) A mix of different music tracks to produce a new track
(1) Man I was so mashup yesterday after all them beers. I was well caned.

(2) Jeez, he looked so mashup after they caned his ass.

(3) The track 'A Stroke of Genie-us', is a mashup of Christina Aguilera's "Genie in a bottle" with The Strokes, as is 'Get Your Bootleg On', which is a mashup of a Missy Elliot track (Get ur Freak on) with Eminem's "Without Me".

For definition (1) mashup is a synonym of one meaning of caned, along the lines of being very drunk or stoned, whereas for definition (2), caned means beaten.

Definition (3) is also a synonym for a type of music also known as bastard pop, cut-ups or blends.
by Mr Knightley September 03, 2005
see "Girl Talk"
Konnor: You go to that Girl Talk concert? That was off the hook.
Josh: Yah man those Mash Ups were insane!
by KonArtist38 January 01, 2011
In gaming, the combination of multiple genres in one setting.
Shadowrun: mash-up of cyberpunk and high fantasy
Rifts: mash-up of cyberpunk, high fantasy, horror, post-holocaust, and new-age mysticism
Cthonian Space: mash-up the Cthulhu Mythos with space opera.
by akaramis December 24, 2010
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