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1. Common misspelling of marshmallow
2. A depressed marsh
3. Common metaphor for fat people but misspelled
1. person A: "I'm eating marshmellows"
Person B: "You cant spell that with an 'e'"
Person A: "I said it out loud... how do you know i spell it with an e or not?"
2. That marsh is well mellow dude.
3. Omg her flabwas wobbling like a marshmellow
by taking-the-biscuit January 15, 2006
When someone who weighs 215 pounds wears all white
Rob is a marsmellow in his white fleece
by herms August 18, 2003
Another word for hipster (because they're both soft and white)
Hey, look at that fucking marshmellow!
by Lexeqtr April 06, 2011
This is the Canadian spelling version of marshmallow but of course, it is much more mellowed out like how Canadians generally are.
Person A: "Yo! You are actually more mellow than before"
Person B: "w/e dude! Eat your marshmellow"
by Carmsjelly July 15, 2014
1) sweets
2) a fat cylindrical white soft person
3) word used to start or end a conversation
hows are you? marshmellows....
marshmellows.... you're wierd!
god, that guy looks like a marshmellow
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm marshmellows
by botaf November 11, 2003
Term used to explain a overweight caucasian.
HENRY: Hey Tyrone, can I have some more barbeque chips?

TYRONE: Shut the fuck up you marshmellow bitch.
by Stytches May 09, 2005
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