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original handsome young man with a large penis known to be a real funny character. Also great in bed, very intelligent but also lazy. Tongue game official and willing to prove it.
"yo that man Marquise is one of a kind"
by young quise June 11, 2009
usually someone who makes you easily smile and can brighten up your day just by simply talking to you. an amazing drawer. he is very quiet and shy when first met but after getting to know him he warms up to you and quickly becomes your best friend. he can become a person you easily fall for.
i love marquise he is amazing. <3
by applejaxx99 October 23, 2011
An outstanding friend. An amazing best friend. Average height, attractive, pooty face, cute, football player. Incredibly nice. Type of person that would love Marvel characters. Be there for you anytime. A great guy all in all.
Omg you know that guy Marquise?! I was talking to him for like EVER last night.
by Shady. November 22, 2010
A player that bang any girls loves him self and smokes a damn load of weed
A: Yo you see that marquise today, he banged that amber girl haard ;)

B: yeah man i had a puff of his blunt ;)
by LOL(: January 29, 2011

The second most horrific sounding nickname for the human female's genitals(after cunt). So much so that it can only be properly applied when descibing genitals that are presumed or understood to be filthy or disgusting.
"Yo Jeff, I lost my arm in your Grandma's marquise last night!"
by james caan April 01, 2008
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