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A brand of cigarettes that was introduced in 1999, milds are a bold medium tasteed cigarette with a hint of menthol. Usually purchased in an attractive blue white and silver hardpack, milds are most always the cigarette of choice of champions and badasses.
Pete - hey Josh, what are you smokin?

Josh- Smooth and relaxing Marlboro Milds Pete, why do you ask?

Pete - Because im looking for a cigarette that a badass would smoke. Since you are a total and complete badass, i figured i would ask you.

Josh - Are you going to start smoking?

Pete - No, but if i ever do, i wanted to make the right choice.

Josh - Good Job.
by The Amazing Flying Pandaskin October 16, 2007
A type of mentholated Marlboro cigarettes, falling below full Menthols, and above Lights in terms of strength. Standard packaging (blue).
Smoker 1: What do you smoke?
Smoker 2: Marlboro Milds.
Smoker 1: Pussy, well, at least they aren't lights.
by SeanB06 September 28, 2006