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A contraction of the phrase "Marketing Droid." Also 'marketoid'.

Used as a generally derisive term to describe a person who is so concerned with spewing marketing dribble to sell a product, that it comes automatically to them. A persons marketing ability does not necessarily denote expertise of the subject at hand.
I asked how much horsepower it had, but the marketroid kept saying "Look! It's a HEMI!!!"
by icabod May 21, 2004
a ignorant marketing employee who is reliant on buzzwords and deception (possibly from a blend of marketing and droid)
I'm sick of that marketroid who keeps leaving ads on my car.
by The Return of Light Joker February 25, 2012
A special type of metroid with a degree in marketing
Samus jumped to avoid a blast from a marketroid
by Brad Wild October 08, 2003
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