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1)The act of making an unintelligent blunder (verb)

2)A person who tries to communicate with people at unreasonable volume in corridors or buildings etc(noun)
1)"Oh dear, look who's done a Marjan".
2)"That girl is SUCH a marjan".
by DAL28 December 28, 2011
noun - A woman of unparalleled grace, charm, beauty, wit, and eloquence; a dime piece; a keeper. A 10 who thinks she's a 6 because of either unintelligible and unnecessary modesty that borders on insanity or a model upbringing and genuine wholesome goodness.
I was at the bar last night and I saw this fucking gorgeous woman. I went up to her, expecting the usual eye-roll 'too good for you' bullshit, but found out she was a total marjan after we talked for an hour about everything from the politics of Western Africa to the Los Angeles Lakers. God, I'm in love...
by ctizzie June 28, 2008