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An affinity to liking shitty music.
"Hey, I just bought the new Justin Timberlake CD"
"Dude, you have a huge case of audiofecalphelia."
by j01101010 February 18, 2007
Screwing something up at the last moment.

Taken from Super Mario Bros., where the last level was the fourth stage of world eight.
I keep asking girls out but i keep dying on the 8-4.
by j01101010 February 18, 2007
A date that takes place for the sole purpose of having a date on Valentine's day and will most likely never lead to a second date.
"Hey, are you doing anything with anybody for Valentine's Day?"
"Yeah, I'm just going on a valendate with Jenny, nothing special."
by j01101010 February 18, 2007
The act of one upping somebody.
Dude, I was working out with Bill the other day, and I was benching 150 but then he marioed me and benched 160.
by j01101010 February 04, 2007

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