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n. Smoking an obscene amount of marijuana.
"Hey, are you going to Greg's house to smoke this thursday?" "Yeah, it's going to be a total marijuanathon!!!"
by Smokey McGee October 03, 2005
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Any given amount of time (usually an hour or more) where one's goal is to smoke as much marijuana as physically possible.
Dude, my place at eight, we're having a marijuanathon.
Oh man, I'm there. I'll bring Dr. Pepper.
by SweetPeachyKush September 11, 2011
the act of smoking weed all day erry day
girl: hey babe you wanna come over tonight
guy: sorry babe im havin a marijuanathon with the guys
by Hellmutt Ardigan-Fitzbaddley June 30, 2014
an all day all night marijuana smoking marathon
We drank on Saturday night, Sunday was just a marijuanathon.
by thatonegirl8752 July 09, 2011
the act of watching a marathon of a tv show whilst under the influence of THC
I just had another marijuanathon of house m.d. It was a great day!
by clintmilitary December 20, 2010

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