1.One who is of non average wheight and gives good head. After doing so, pays the male partner money, usally 5 to 20 dollars.
2.One who is only used for money.
1.Man, I just got 10 bucks from that Margo.
2.I need money for tonight's party, Let's call Margo.
by Rayray January 29, 2005
Top Definition
1.) Any nice girl who will make friends with just about anybody and is very fun to be around in general.
2.) An intelligent girl that mispronounces words, but the way she does it is cute, so you let her keep saying it that way.
3.) A girl that thinks she can drink anybody under the table, but in reality she will always pass out first!

1.) That chick is such a margo, she flirts with everyone... must be cuz she knows she's got some nice margos
2.) She margo'd that one up... the ninja turtles didn't jump down a manho, and that dog doesn't have a bit of husty in him.
3.) That margo just hit the floor...after only 3 shots of Sailor Jerry.
by Etinerub naV April 15, 2008
shes really cool! she makes me think of the sun when i think of her -Realy hott
margo sanders
by BO AND NICK TRIST March 19, 2003
a hot girl who is often perceived as quiet, but on the inside is a total horn dog.
normally underestimated and gives great head.
Guy: That girl is so quiet.
Other guy: Are you kidding? She's SUCH a Margo.
by alecdonman February 03, 2009
it's this chick. she absorbs the sun's rays through her eyeballs. when necessary she shoots them back out through her eyeballs as protection against barbarians and cheeky boys.
Boy 1: Yo man what happened to your arm? is that a burn?
Boy 2: i tried to get on this girl last night but she turned out to be a real margo.
Boy 1: It's kind of shaped like a ukulele.
by fast eyes long arms May 12, 2009
a very attractive female who gives excellent oral satisfaction.

dime expert
why did you break up with your girlfriend? she was a complete margo.
by Alexios November 28, 2007
noun- abnormally large natural breasts; esspecially those on a skinny, small, or young woman
The girl had such large margos she had to buy custom made bras.
by Ned McNenney December 19, 2006
The prettiest girl from Newton, Mass to Calcutta.
Yo, Margo. Can I holla at you?
by Charchar1018 May 03, 2005
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