Pissing someone off immensely
The troublesome teens marged the store clerk off by countinuously pulling stuff off the shelves
by Sprud April 09, 2003
Top Definition
A Chicago variation of the terms "mug" and "mark." Essentially it is a word that can be used like the pronouns "dude" or "cat," and almost always in the third person. Not as negatively connotated and indicitive of victimization as "mark."
-"I was on the Garfield stop platform when this smelly-ass faggot marg came up to me asking if he could get dollar."
-Somebody says something stupid and somebody else responds, "thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis marg..."
by Nebbish March 28, 2005
Name of Actress Marg Helgenberger. Her full name is Mary Marg Helgenberger. Her credits include KC on China beach, Dr. Laura Baker in Species I & II, Emma Brooks in Mr. Brooks, Donna Jensen in Erin Brockovitch, Ann Foreman in In Good Company and her most famous as Catherine Willows in CSI
Marg Helgenberger is a fantastic actress
by CathWillows10 February 20, 2009
a) the sound a giraffe makes; b) sometimes used in place of the word giraffe
A) "Marg!" said the giraffe.

The giraffe marged excitedly when it saw the zoo keeper coming with a bundle of leaves.

B) Look at the beautiful marg over there; i bet it wants to be my friend.

A+B) The marging of the margs sounds magical.
by Daniy December 07, 2010
British slang.

Skinny, not having any muscle
I know you think you're hench, but you're not, you're not wide, you're not tonks, you're not built, you're MARGS
by na February 22, 2005
Used for anything that is even better than buttery. Its unbelievably not butter, its marg.

also said as: marginal, margarine

pronounced as marge
"Holy shit that was fucking marg!"
by Erockoutwithyourcockout June 02, 2009
An impecible force that first emerges deep within someone's soul which may aid you in things such as Track and Field. However, if this force is used in too much of a concentrated area, then the force is too powerful for one to handle. may result in blackouts.
"I Shall use...THE POWER OF MARG!"
"Marg has failed us once again..."
by Laila March 16, 2005
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