Marg is a military term used in Norway. You use the word when you are absotuley hating your life, and you would like to die. when you are lying in snow, mud, rain etc. and just hating your life so much that you just want to quit or die trying.

but its also used as a regular daily word.
this is how the word is used the right way:
1. You have not eaten for 12 hours and you are not allowed to eat anything before you are done with what you are doing... "MAAARG!!!"
2. after hours of walking with 77lb (35kg) on your shoulders, your feet are burning from all the walking. And there is no time to stop and aid the popping blisters at are growing on your feet. "MAAAARG!!!"

Daily use of the word:
E: is the coffee ready?
by Grensejæger Pjaders1 December 27, 2013
A sketchy 4-foot tall hunchback. Can usually be found at Raves screaming at her "friends" for GUM and WATER.
Usually wearing big black boots and/or a fuzzy E-SCARF.
Gender: Female
Wanna go chuck some Marg?

We need some "Marg -Action" up in this bitch!
by Andrea Beretta March 09, 2009
Pissing someone off immensely
The troublesome teens marged the store clerk off by countinuously pulling stuff off the shelves
by Sprud April 09, 2003
well i say it when im stressed and dont know what else to say
um.... um...... MARG!
by spanksy February 08, 2005
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