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6 definitions by spanksy

chavs are part human part dog offspring. this comes about from their slaggy mother being so slaggy they actually turn into a dog.the change happens very slowly so no one realises.

due to this nature the chavs hang around in packs, usually consisting of about 8 males who regularly meet up with their chavettes (the female of the species) in the carparks of train stations. they also dwell in the doorways of mcdonalds trying to start a fight with anyone that comes within a 2 meter radius of them, as long as the person is under 4 feet tall, therefore showing no threat.
they are almost always white, and very skinny, where the chavettes are usually overweight, with large stretchmarks on their stomachs form excessive baby having. a chavette will have one baby every year from the age of 13, with their 'boyfriends' being at least 2 years older.
the chavs love hiphop and rap music, while also being extremly racist towards black people but more so asians, who they think are draining all the taxes that they should be getting, which is obviously not true.
they wear plastic tracksuits, imitation reebok, though some may stretch their benefits to buying a reebok baseball cap. the matching traksuit is usually dark blue with a white stripe, white sports socks pulled up to the ankles with the tracky bottoms tucked into them. wearing cheap trainers that they keep emaculatly white, usually writing reebok on them themselves to impress their other chav mates (reebok is the only brand most of them know, though some may progress to nike). if they cannot afford a reebok baseball cap, it is imitation burberry.
they always have one ear pierced with an oversized stud in that jut looks gay, and lots of fake gold jewellery and sovering rings, and one eyebrow with too much shaved off to look good, as they slipped while holding their razor cos their hands are so greasy.

the chavettes wear exactly the same but a pink tracky with more jewellery and 7 large hoops in their ears and their belly button pierced. they dont wear a cap but have their long greasy hair tied back in a ponytail so tight you can see their dandruff. they also have a large 3 seater second hand pushchair, with 3 different coloured children in, all at different stages in the chav development, with caps already fitted and ears pireced.
the chavs smoke tiny fags that they have found on the floor around bins, because of this they are prone to spitting so never approach them.

they will find a really shitty old car and 'update it' by robbing bits off other shitty old cars and gluing them on with pva. they never drive these cars but just stand by them looking 'cool'.

common chav names: dean, darren, kevin. common chavette names: tracy, stacy,

also know as kevs,kev
dean: aw shit tracys havin anoter littlun agin innit.
darrun: so is stacy. whut slags innit.
dean: they so stoopid getting preeeeegnant innit
darren:yeah. hey tracy wanna do it in maccy d's bogs innit?
dean: hey thats my girl innit.
darren: its ok. you can borrow stacy innit.
dean: ok. innit.
by spanksy February 19, 2005
81 25
a person who is scutty. doesnt wash and doesnt work. wears ill fitting clothes and talks really loudly.
look at that scutter. they are different to chavs because they dont even try to look godd in their own funny way. they just dont care at all. i want to die.
by spanksy February 27, 2005
60 57
1. a new and updadted version of bumting
2. when you get a itch (or tingle) in yo bum
1. wow that booty is real bumtingle
2. god i got a well bad bumtingle right now
by spanksy February 07, 2005
6 7
well i say it when im stressed and dont know what else to say
um.... um...... MARG!
by spanksy February 08, 2005
13 23
i say it as 'come on' and didnt realise other people did. well thats good isnt it.
*running for a bus and person is being slow*
me: chamone!
by spanksy February 08, 2005
10 20
a dirty person that usually lives on a council estate. but not everyone who lives on a council estate is scutty, its not that they are poor it is the lack of washing and how they talk and how they treat others that we all hate.
although he is poor we dont call him scutty because he washes and is nice.
we call her scutty because she doesnt wash and is horrible.
by spanksy February 27, 2005
22 41