Completely in dis-array. Messed up. Out of sorts and not organized. Tore back.
She woke up from spending the night and her hair was completely marfy.
by Mike Sommers January 22, 2008
Top Definition
Sexy; used when describing individuals who are extremely hot.
That Ray sure is marfy in those suspenders!
by Mer October 17, 2003
Sad, having the blues, in a funk.
I dropped my ice cream on the sidewalk; it made me marfy.
by Tina August 12, 2004
a person who has a habit of dislocating his knee.He has a constant look of unhappiness on his face but despite this,he's a cool guy.But beware, he has a tendency to turn his hair bright yellow.Rather shocking but you get used to it.And if you are looking for a controller, give hm a visit, he is willing to not look while you steal away...cough cough chaz.
Martin Watford a.k.a marfy
by Goth Boy August 18, 2003
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