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Completely in dis-array. Messed up. Out of sorts and not organized. Tore back.
She woke up from spending the night and her hair was completely marfy.
by Mike Sommers January 22, 2008
Sexy; used when describing individuals who are extremely hot.
That Ray sure is marfy in those suspenders!
by Mer October 17, 2003
Sad, having the blues, in a funk.
I dropped my ice cream on the sidewalk; it made me marfy.
by Tina August 12, 2004
a person who has a habit of dislocating his knee.He has a constant look of unhappiness on his face but despite this,he's a cool guy.But beware, he has a tendency to turn his hair bright yellow.Rather shocking but you get used to it.And if you are looking for a controller, give hm a visit, he is willing to not look while you steal away...cough cough chaz.
Martin Watford a.k.a marfy
by Goth Boy August 18, 2003