Several examples have already been provided but 2 points might be of further interest:
1. The Nottingham writer D.H.Lawrence uses the word in his novels of the 1920's
2. Reputed to have originated from the French word 'merde' meaning 'shit'. So, to be 'mardy' would mean to be behaving in a 'shitty' manner.

I grew up in 1950's Leicester where it was in common use.
'She's gone all mardy'.

He's being mardy because he can't get his own way.'
by Bevvles February 24, 2010
The ending must sound like the French 'e acute' in order to render an authentic Leicester accent. It is particularly suitable used in conjunction with the word 'bleeder'.
You mardy bleeder! Pass the cob!
by Ex-Leicester September 14, 2004
to be angry and lose your temper
don´t have a mardy you moody twat
by tantric nutter June 07, 2009
When somebody doesn't offer you a marshmallow, when they have a huge bag on their desk.
Lorna: Is James been mardy today?

Kelly: Not sure, why do you think that?
Lorna: Cos he's had that huge bag on his desk, and not offered me one all day.
by Perfect Princess July 22, 2009
To be surly. Not getting along with someone. To stop talking because you're annoyed.
Comes from Yorkshire.
Oh you're such a mardy bum!
by pobba May 09, 2008
A leicester word meaning not very happy and being quite or bitchy.
hard to think of an example.
Arctic monkeys mardy bum.
by vhfhh July 20, 2007
Someone who is confident, self assured, and capable. This person is also wild, crazy, and a huge rebel. Always up to something. Likely to get in trouble. But your kind of trouble is a lot of fun.
People see them as stubborn and headstrong. You definitely have a dominant personality.
Lastly, they are a free spirit, unpredictable, adventurous, and always a little surprising.
That Mardy is a handful.
by mardz May 14, 2009

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