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Neopets is the greatest virtual community in existance. Dispite what a handful of people say, it is NOT dominated by adverts and comercialization, adverts appear on the site to prevent users having to pay to use Neopets. It was founded in 1999 by Adam Powell and Donna Williams, and has expanded to over a billion users worldwide.
The rules on Neopets are fairly strict, but by no means hard to follow; you ARE allowed to have more than one account, but not souly to make neopoints (this is only allowed on your main account), you are not allowed to post offensive comments on the message boards, and the list follows on fairly straight forwardly.
Neopoints (commonly abreiviated) to np is the national currency of Neopets.
Common abbreiviations:
TNT = The Neopets Team
NP = Neopoints
LDP = Lost Desert Plot
AC = Altador Cup
by Levkovski August 03, 2006
The worst possible cheap imitation of Neopets. Marapets has an incredibly slow server and pathetic imitations of other sites (mainly neopets). The majoratory of the features (if not all) are stolen from other websites. They deserve to be sued by all the websites they have stolen
Copied Marapets items from Neopets:
Meerca Chase = Murfin Chase
Secret Laboratory ray = Secret Portal
Paint Brushes = Costumes
by Levkovski October 19, 2006

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