One who is fun, flirty and has a big mouth. Doesn't know when to shut up.
She's such a Maranda!
by CasemG February 22, 2009
1. The type of girl you want to spend the rest of your life with and cannot see yourself without.

2. Someone you crush on so hard you might implode.
3. A stunning, gorgeous bombshell who could be considered an underground model.
That Maranda is the absolutely perfect girl for me.
by MacaroniMoshMan December 06, 2010
Maranda is the most genuine kick ass chick you will ever meet. Beautiful smart and awesome... Loving and kind but don't do her with a brutal side believe that
man I wish I had a Maranda in my life... I don't have a girlfriend holding out for a Maranda
by marandakiss December 07, 2015
A pear. Maranda is also a commonly used slang term for a woman who has the body shape similar to a pear.
That girl is shaped like a pear.

yeah what a maranda!
by Erik Erikson December 20, 2010
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