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The coolest Hocake. She's got a voice that gets everyone's attention. You will most likely find a Marah texting or listening to music. Marah's are beautiful creatures and you should feel lucky to ever come in contact with one.
"I once saw a Marah and I was stunned by her beauty"
by Chels Kent June 14, 2008
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A very adorable girl who likes listening to music and reading. She is easily excited and loves laughing to such an extent that she sometimes cries. They are known for being very short and cuddly.

Marah's make the best of friends (unless they hate you with a passion, then you should really try to get back on their good side) and will stick with thru thick and thin. They also deliver amazing bitch slaps and enjoy talking behind people's backs.
Aw, I just got a hug fro mthat random girl! She must be a Marah.
by Toni/Tory October 27, 2008
The most amazing person in the world. If you are friends with them, feel very lucky.
I love Marah.
by marahstar June 14, 2010
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