n. when a girl is trapped between two guys on the dance floor.
Did you see me in that manwitch out there?
by courtney loo September 21, 2007
Top Definition
-a manipulative man who achieves his self-serving ends through the "magical" use of female energy.
"He was not only a cold, calculating womanizer but a well-practiced manwitch...perhaps I will have him for dinner."
by Connie Mae September 24, 2007
A nasty bitch of a woman who resembles a man.
We wanted have a Bar-B-Q this weekend but dad can't make it because he's staying in Manalapan with the manwitch.
by Urban Yankee Redneck June 10, 2005
a man who is too girly to be a warlock
the manwitch wants to casts a lovespell on a guy
by adam the manwitch June 17, 2008
Anyone that is just plain stupid, bitchy, or calls other people names relating to sexual orientation like lesbo.
You are such a manwitch.

That girl is such a manwitch.

That manwitch just called me a lesbian!
by Kuhnzy March 31, 2007
a long turd that is diariah like but yet still firm and usally flat from the caus of smooshing between your cheeks.
that manwitch is about as long as a hotdog and as skinny as a creditcard.
by alliee November 04, 2003
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