A nasty bitch of a woman who resembles a man.
We wanted have a Bar-B-Q this weekend but dad can't make it because he's staying in Manalapan with the manwitch.
by Urban Yankee Redneck June 10, 2005
Top Definition
-a manipulative man who achieves his self-serving ends through the "magical" use of female energy.
"He was not only a cold, calculating womanizer but a well-practiced manwitch...perhaps I will have him for dinner."
by Connie Mae September 24, 2007
a man who is too girly to be a warlock
the manwitch wants to casts a lovespell on a guy
by adam the manwitch June 17, 2008
n. when a girl is trapped between two guys on the dance floor.
Did you see me in that manwitch out there?
by courtney loo September 21, 2007
Anyone that is just plain stupid, bitchy, or calls other people names relating to sexual orientation like lesbo.
You are such a manwitch.

That girl is such a manwitch.

That manwitch just called me a lesbian!
by Kuhnzy March 31, 2007
a long turd that is diariah like but yet still firm and usally flat from the caus of smooshing between your cheeks.
that manwitch is about as long as a hotdog and as skinny as a creditcard.
by alliee November 04, 2003
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