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the sweetest, bestest, coolest, greatest, hottest, AWESOMEST, GREATEST friend anyone could EVER ask for!!
Man, you should TOTALLY pull a MANVI if you wanna fit in! GOSH!
by Darshini March 02, 2005
The sweetest,smartest,prettiest,awesomest,coolest,LOList,best chatt buddy, and indian buddyyyy ever!!! The best person to chat and hang out with! Never make fun of her, shes the bestfriend ever you ever know!Shes also sweet and innocent, but loud at times :) She likes indian dramas and has the best music sense :) She likes Shahid Kapur and Logan Lerman!!! :D She is who she is.
Aww, she's just like Manvi.
Wow I wish I could be like Manvi, shes awesome!
by Smily Girl October 31, 2010
A Hot girl with a big ass and can shake it high up and low down. She has many talents, if you know what I mean, and can astonish all men with her swift actions
"That Manvi makes me delirious! Damn she has me on!"
by Michelle March 01, 2005
a hot girl who has a bootylicious ass and can wiggle with it. May have difficulties getting low, but is worth it. Is also one that the men cannot leave and known for her elegance and style
"Damn that Manvi is so fly, I can't believe she's going for him"
by Michelle March 01, 2005

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