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Family Medical Leave of Absence. Authorization to leave work to tend to a next of kin's sickness.
After the accident, Joe's wife was bedridden for two weeks, so he took FMLA.
by drfvidal January 05, 2006
An acronym for "Fuck My Life, Ass", taken from the Family and Medical Leave Act's way of screwing you over.
My employer won't let me take off due to my family member's illness...FMLA!
by JoPanis May 27, 2010
I don't feel like working today. I think my FMLA is acting up.
by redman81 October 28, 2013
Fuck My Life And Shit
you have to say it by the letters like "OMG" or "LOL"
pronounced: ef em el ay es

remember to blend it together so it sounds smoth runnin goff the tongue like one word
"AHHHH fmlas...."
by Abbywoah July 29, 2008