An older man who chases younger women. Wears open shirts, necklaces, drives Corvettes or any T-Top vechile.
That douche in the Iroc is cruising the cherrleaders, such a manther
by cpooldog September 06, 2011
Male version of a female cougar; male mostly older than the female prospect he is hunting. Prey is mostly hunted at work and the weaker females with lower self esteem are the likely victims. Victims are then taken back to his den and usually asked to wear his Russian war helmet or another skeet trap.
Damn I cant believe what a manther Dan is, if he gets this one it would be number for the week.
by de-evolution August 25, 2009
A male who dates a younger women. The age difference may range from anything that is considered creepy. It may be a guy who could be the father if the person he is dating. It may be a guy who is a senior in school dating a freshman.
For example, Did you hear about Anderson? He's dating this girl that is less than a third of his age. What a Manther.

Ew, is that a senior dating a freshman? Isn't he leaving the school this year, and the girl is entering? Creep. Such a Manther.
by Creeped-out January 22, 2010
like couger. but more socially unaceptable.
person 1:My neighbor gives me the creeps. he walks in his house with a different girl every night, and they are so younge!
person 2: " manther "
by August 25, 2009
A manther is a woman in her sexual prime who likes older men.

A FEMALE, but the opposite of a Cougar. Cougars like younger men, Manthers like older guys.

Why play with a monkey when you can get rocked by a silverback gorilla?
Yeah, most of my friends are Cougars, but I'm a Manther... there is nothing sexier than a little bit of grey hair.

Do you know why I'm a Manther? To be very blunt ... Because a little bit of grey hair on a man says to me "yes I can eat pussy". I prefer experience to a young buck any day.
by moodyeva January 11, 2010
Half Man, Half Panther.

Adam living in Toronto, Canada and working as an Investment Banking is half Man, half Panther. This is proven by studies completed on Adam by scientists at the University of Toronto.

Adam is a wealthy, young, and handsome man with the brightest of futures with a very dark past. From Africa’s deepest recesses, to the rarest peaks of Tibet, heir to his father’s legacy, and the world’s darkest mysteries is Adam, master of the secrets that divide man from panther, panther from man, Manther.
by Wild Tiger April 27, 2007
1. a hybrid of two words that equals the title of a penis
2. a hybrid of two animals that equals a cage fighter's dream
my manther is ragin for a cajun
by runner mynx May 07, 2007
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