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Beyond positive description in any other form. Flawless to the point where the very flaw itself is true perfection. No mere mortal can inherit this into his/her being, except Mantastic Dan.
* GOD was kicked by Mantastic_Dan (*SWISH!* "And so you are felled!")
by Mantastic Dan October 19, 2003
Adjective used to describe a Metrosexual male who is looking his finest. Can also be used to describe something associated with a Metrosexual male such as his haircut or new shirt.
Chauncey looked Mantastic this evening in his new Man Sevens, Diesel Shoes and $100 shirt .
by PB/SB Pimpsters July 06, 2004
1) A person of the male persuasion portraying feminine qualities or accessories. Usually used in a sarcastic fashion.
2) A particularly exceptional sexual encounter with a male
1) Wow John, that bag you're carrying is mantastic!
2) Susan: So, was he any good?
Jane: Yes, it was mantastic!
by Sergeant Obvious September 06, 2006