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Like testacular, it is a word describing something manly and fantastic as it is a combination of both words.
"Hockey game was f*ckin mantastic the other day!"
by RJ McFadden October 02, 2006
Beyond positive description in any other form. Flawless to the point where the very flaw itself is true perfection. No mere mortal can inherit this into his/her being, except Mantastic Dan.
* GOD was kicked by Mantastic_Dan (*SWISH!* "And so you are felled!")
by Mantastic Dan October 19, 2003
Adjective used to describe a Metrosexual male who is looking his finest. Can also be used to describe something associated with a Metrosexual male such as his haircut or new shirt.
Chauncey looked Mantastic this evening in his new Man Sevens, Diesel Shoes and $100 shirt .
by PB/SB Pimpsters July 06, 2004
1) A person of the male persuasion portraying feminine qualities or accessories. Usually used in a sarcastic fashion.
2) A particularly exceptional sexual encounter with a male
1) Wow John, that bag you're carrying is mantastic!
2) Susan: So, was he any good?
Jane: Yes, it was mantastic!
by Sergeant Obvious September 06, 2006