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Someone who got totally pwned. His site ( is now under new management.
Mantako, also known as Taco, Tacotime, and Man Taco.
by TeamFH March 15, 2005
a forum in which people from New Jersey and Michigan waste their life, also used in place of punk'd
yo boyee, i just mantako'd j00!
by HoboJoe February 23, 2004
A quaint little site where people spam the glory out of... posting, I guess. And I'm not sure about that glory either.

But most importantly is that I help run the place.
I am a mod at mantako.
by Eszett May 15, 2004
The above user needs to commit suicide, and/or overdose on extra-strength aspirin. He is just jealous that his website is unpopular horse shit.
I'm not good enough for, so I'll make fun of it, then go home and masturbate furiously to gay porn
by SOMEONE. March 05, 2004
a noobish taco that evolved into a humanoid creature, and is attempting to take over the world by spreading the tako virus to humans and tacos around the world and create an army.
"Oh No, TEH MANTAKO IS ATTACKING ME!!1!!1!!!!!!!ONE!111!!1!!1!!!1!2
by goshuntoku February 24, 2004
n Assorted randomness.
adj Dealing with assorted randomness.
That's too mantako for me.
by jox February 23, 2004
That guy who owns, where lots of people from Haddonfield visit.
I'm gonna go get caught at in the library, and tell the librarian that I was looking at gay porn!!
by someone February 23, 2004
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