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The period of time when guys experience their 'time of the month', also known as BMS.
Hey Hailey did you talk to Joe? He's so uptight today! It must be his mansturation.

I know and I thought I was a bitch when I'm on my period.
by raawwrrrr February 10, 2011
When men get into a bad mood, become temperamental and experience hormone fluctuations due to a build up of semen from a lack of sex.

Not to be confused with the female, 'menstruation' that occurs monthly but also results in mood swings that manifest namely in shitting on the male partner.
Sameera: 'Rajesh, what is your problem? You have been snapping at me all day. First your tea is too hot, then your ice cream is too cold. What is UP with you?'

Rajesh: 'Vell, maybe if you took the time to notice you'd see that I've been washing all the tea spoons recently that you've used and you've not said thank you once, then maybe i'd feel better!'

Sameera: 'Jesus, just because we've not done it for a while, doesn't mean you can take out your mansturation moods on me! Now sit down and let's fuck quick before you hurt yourself.'
by hussaincurrimbhoy April 06, 2011
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