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A Sameera is a girl who means well. She is loyal and loving and a great friend. She has a loud and contagious laugh and loves to make others' day. She has been broken too many times and has a hard time trusting others but she smiles to make others do so as well. She is the best person to go to, to vent. She has a great listening ear and she will love to help you out. Everyone should have a Sameera as a friend!
I just wanna talk to Sameera, she knows how to make me feel better
by rocket and bullet May 03, 2015
what you call a girl who swears a lot, eats like a competitive eater, slacks off all day yet still does well in school, is nocturnal, anemic, and studies on friday nights
Whenever I see Sameera in the hall, I want to punch her in the face.
by towelhead726 April 10, 2009
(verb) To waste massive amounts of food at a meal. Used particularly in association with meals at college cafeterias.
Try not to sameera half your dinner tonight.
by Anyos July 01, 2006
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